We’re passionate about what we do.

Vascular Wellness

VW is a vascular access management company who has developed vascular access solutions that impact the way healthcare is delivered.

A passionate group of people whose mission is to provide the most responsive, highest caliber, advanced vascular access service available.

We help them communicate that message.


What Allied Churches of Alamance County up in Burlington, NC really provides is love, caring and compassion. What does that look like? For us it’s a warm bed, a hot meal, groceries, more than anything… it’s relationship.

When we look at it from that perspective you can’t help but want to make a difference in your own life and with the people you encounter and our community as a whole.

What a beautiful message to share.

Lullaby CD

We were asked to produce a very special CD with a group of talented nurses and other volunteers at REX Women’s Center. When we say produced ~ we mean all of it! From song selection, arrangements, legal and licensing ~ to writing the original title track.

All proceeds from the sales of this CD go to the REX Healthcare Foundation to support the Women’s and Children’s fund.

One of our most fun projects ever!

Niche Wine Lounge

Everybody needs a great place to unwind. Ours happens to be The Niche Wine Lounge in Holly Springs. Great place to have a glass of wine, a beer or even a ginger beer while listening to some phenomenal live music.

And it is great to create a website, work on newsletters or posters while you’re hanging out in an awesome little wine lounge.


An award winning singer/songwriter, John’s creative outlet is his music.

Sandy’s is creating all the visuals for him ~ from his website to his album artwork.

We’ve also got a new music video in the works!